Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery
Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery 

Weekend Survival Challenge 7th - 9th August 2020

So, you've read a few books, watched a few YouTube videos and maybe even practiced some survival and Bushcrafts skills, Do you look at Bear Grylls "The Island" and think "I can do that". Do you think you can survive for a whole weekend in our amazing 120 acre Ashford woodland with just the bare minimum of equipment? if so, this 3 day weekend course is for you.

Between Friday and Sunday afternoon you'll have to make an effecitive shelter with the bare minimum of tools and equipment, learn how to start a fire using friction methods only, source, prepare and cook wild food and game, make useful tools to assist you and learn to navigate during the day and night without a compass.


Fortunately our expert instructors will be on hand throughout the weekend to teach you all the neccessary tips and tricks you'll need to not only survive, but thrive  in our woodland as well as teaching you potentially life saving skills. This is an amazing course to learn new skills and imporve your existing ones and is open to anyone 16+ years old, you may come as individuals or as part of a group. Participants will be given their own Black Wolf Mora knife and Firesteel to help them and a certificate upon completion of the course. £169 per person but deals available for groups and familes upon request. 

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Weekend Survival Challenge
169.00 GBP

Weekend Survival Challenge 8th - 9th August 2020


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