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Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery 

          Survival Escape Challenge

New for 2019

We have combined the elements of Survival & Bushcraft with the fun of an escape room to bring you the Survival Escape Challenge.


Imagine the scenario.. After being taken hostage during a hiking trip in the woods your group has been left abandoned in a dense forest area, you have no idea where you are or how long you it will take you to reach help or for rescue to reach you and you have been stripped of all your usual vital equipment.  Fortunately you have a old copy of the "Black Wolf Survival Book" with you that has many useful tips in it, but annoyingly there are several pages missing....


Your mission, as a group, is to successfully make a shelter capable of keeping your team safe from the worst of the weather. You must find a way of lighting and maintaining a fire even though there are no conventional methods of lighting it laying around, you must find a way to make water safe to drink, make a couple of traps to help you catch food* you must find ways of navigating without the benefit of a GPS or compass, find ways of signalling for rescue and dealing with any sudden First Aid incidents that may occur.


Your challenge will be timed and scored by Black Wolf staff and you will only have a set time to accomplish your mission and reach safety. All successful teams will receive certificates.


This is an amazing, fun challenge for groups of friends, families or work mates. 

Tea, Coffee & soft drinks will be provided  

The challenge runs for 2 hours including an initial briefing and post challenge debrief.

Open to children from 10 years upwards, all under 16's must be accompanied by an adult.



2-3 people £30 each

4-6 people £25 each

7-10 people £20 each

For any larger groups please get in touch.


For further information or to book a place for your group call 01233 220323 


*You will not be required to actually catch live food, it is a simulated situation, no animals will be hurt.


Contact number



07507 270966

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