Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery
Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery 

Craig Fordham.


I was literally born into the outdoors way of life, my parents were Cub and Scout leaders along with their friends. I was taken on my first camp when I was about 6 weeks old. My Grandfather was also ex military and loved being able to take me into the great outdoors and teach me a variety of skills.


Growing up I was always happiest when I was outdoors, building dens and shelters, climbing trees etc. At 12 years old I received a copy of Lofty Wiseman's SAS Survival handbook, and my passion for survival was born.

Apart from Cubs and Scouts I was lucky to be sent on various activity holidays growing up. Throughout my career I have been lucky to have worked with and been trained by some of the very best in the business from the worlds of Survival and Bushcraft. I have worked all over the UK and beyond and have taught children and adults from all walks of life and all levels of both physical and mental abilities.

I specialise in Survival and Bushcraft but I have also had a lot of experience of being an outdoors instructor teaching Paddlesports, High and Low Ropes, Abseiling, Archery, Rifle shooting, Team Building, Navigation and First Aid.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time outdoors with my dog Dave. I am a keen shooter and 

I continue to be a student of Bushcraft and Survival as I believe that you never stop learning and I am constantly attending specialised courses to improve my knowledge and skills. I also have an extensive library of books that I draw on to make me a better instructor. Over the past few years I have made a name for myself for my friction fire lighting skills and have really enjoyed developing bow drill and hand drill as a speciality. Three years ago I was delighted to be given the award of Bow Drill Master by my friend and mentor Dave Watson an LPIOL and one of the UK's most respected authorities on Bushcraft. 

In recent years I have been made a brand ambassador for Craghoppers, one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor and travel clothing and been asked to test and review kit for many other outdoor equipment manufacturers. I have written articles and blogs for various magazines and newspapers and been interviewed on TV and Radio many times as well as given talks, demos and lectures across the UK and beyond. Since Covid came into our lives I have been working during the week as a senior specialist lecturer at a large technical college in Kent whilst undertaking a Level 6 teaching qualification.


My Qualifications include:

Institute of Outdoor Learning approved Bushcraft Practitioner (FBC Certificate holder)

Approved Survival Instructor

Shotgun & Firearms License holder

GWCT Accredited Game Shot

Bow Drill Master

GB Archery Instructor

BASC Air Rifle Member

UKCC Paddlesports Coach

Swift water rescue technicican

Wilderness First Aid Certificate

High Ropes Instructor

Search & Rescue Technician

Industrial Abseiler

CRB/DBS Checked

Craghopper brand ambassador

Currently undertaking a Level 6 Teaching qualification and QTLS


Sean Tillett


I too got into the outdoors from an early age thanks to my grandparents and I've been lucky enough to have carried that passion for the outdoors into my working life where I have done a lot of work with youngsters with a variety of challenging behaviours.

Here I realized some specialized work could be done and I helped set up a therapeutic outdoor and Bushcraft programme. In 2011 I spent the season working  for a large Bushcraft company where I soon discovered I had a real talent for outdoors cooking and was regularly cooking three meals a day on open fires for groups of up to sixty students in all weathers. I also learned to instruct and teach Bushcraft and Survival techniques and when not working as an instructor I am often out in the woods or sat carving and whittling. I hold a GB Archery instructors certificate, I am also first aid trained and CRB/DBS cleared and currently working towards my IOL Bushcraft Competency qualification. You'll often find me by the camp fire whipping up a banquet using on the most basic of equipment and ingredients. My speciality is carving, especially spoons and utenstils and my wife and I are cake makers, if you're interested in a special cake for your woodland party with us get in touch.


Warren "Jack" Frost


City boy turned bushcrafter, that's me!

I'm Jack and I'm very proud to be part of the team. I was born and brought up in a city where I never really experienced the outdoors. Didn't do the whole scouts or cadets thing but my Dad did take me camping and trail walking when I was younger. No real skills or knowledge back then but we just enjoyed being outdoors. jump forward to my late 20's and you'll find me living on the edge of the Surrey countryside with access to a woodland. There's only so much you can learn from books and my lust for knowledge led me to attend bushcraft and woodland courses with some of the best names in the business. This culminated in 2017 when I qualified with an NCFE level 4 in Bushcraft leadership. During this time I also worked with a lot of other outdoor companies to to draw on my teaching skills as well. In my spare time I'm still furthering my own skills and knowledge. I enjoy canoe trips and expeditions and have been lucky enough to have canoed deep into Bear country in Canada, camped in the Egyptian white desert and spent time in the rain forests of Thailand.

I look forward to meeting lots of new people and skill sharing throughout the year.


From time to time we also bring in friends and specialised instructors in various disciplines, all are at the top of their game and hold all necessary CRB/DBS checks and relevent qualifications.

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