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The Rat Packer Weekend

New for 2020


Following on from the success of our £10 24 hour Survival challenge over the last two years we've been coming up with new ideas and for 2020 we bring you "The Rat Packer"

The idea is fairly simple, it's a Survival & Bushcraft weekend with minimal kit. You must not only survive, but aim to thrive and make yourself as comfy as possible with only the bare minimum of equipment for a weekend in our woodland, from Friday lunchtime to Sunday afternoon. Remember a very wise man once said "Any fool can be wet, cold & uncomfortable, and they don't give out medals for it"

So, here's what you're allowed to bring:

Wool Blanket, Metal pot, Water filter bag, knife, folding saw, 30ft paracord and then ONE of the following as your luxury item:

Firesteel, tarp, sleeping bag

That's it!....

So why the Rat Packer? well, we issue you with a standard 24hr ration pack to help keep you going, everything else is up to you. Our instructors will be on hand 24/7 over the weekend for help and advice and over the weekend we will help show you ways to imporve your situation and make yourself more comfortable, there will be information on wild food, trapping & hunting, shelter building, making gadgets, tool maintenance, fire lighting and management, natural navigation, survival psychlogy. signalling and more.

A great test for anyone interested in pitting their skills against nature and a lot of fun. A certificate and sew on patch will be issued to anyone who successfully completes the weekend.

We do have a limited amount of equipment available to hire for this weekend for those who may need it. Please feel free to call Craig on 01233 220323 with any questions.

£125 per person, limited to 8 people



Rat Packer Weekend September 12th - 13th
125.00 GBP

Rat Packer weekend Friday 11th - Sunday 13th September 2020 Ashford Kent


Contact number



07507 270966

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