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24 Hour £10 Survival Challenge

Due to the success of last years' £10 survival challenge we are runiing it again in 2020.

The idea is fairly simple, you must survive in our woodland for 24 hours, but there's a catch! other then the clothes on your back you can only bring £10 worth of equipment. We are looking for people who can actually utilise their £10 budget to thrive, so can you shop around and find equipment to make shelter, start a fire and cook food for under £10.

We get a lot of questions about this so there will be a full list of rules sent to anyone who's interested. Best of all we run this as a charity event, giving all our profits to Lyme Disease research, a charity very close to hearts as Craig, chief instructor is a Lyme sufferer. We activiely encourage all participants to raise money for their own good causes through sponsorship.

Last years' challenge was great fun and even made it as an article in The Bushcraft Journal Magazine.

Entrance is £60 per person and we donate that to charity. All successful entrants will also receive a certificate of completion of the challenge. Remember that even if you enter as a group it's an individual challenge so you can't club together and put your £10 budgets in a pot! Please feel free to call us on 01233 220323 with any questions you may have.

Maximum of 12 participants.


24 hr £10 Challenge
60.00 GBP

24 hour £10 Survival Charity Challenge 18th - 19th July 2020


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07507 270966

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