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Survival and Bushcraft training, Archery, guided trips and expeditions

Birthday Parties

Carrying on from the success of previous years, bushcraft and survival themed birthday parties held in our wonderful new 100 acre private woodland in Ashford, Kent.


Themed parties are available for children from 6 years upwards and will have all the elements needed to make it an exciting, memorable event. ideal for your budding Bear Grylls!


Why choose us? well between us we have over 35 years of working with children and teaching in the outdoors, we are organisational members of the Institute of Outdoor Learning AND holders of their Bushcraft competency certificate. Craig is also a Craghoppers brand ambassador and has written articles for Bushcraft Magazines and given demos at national bushcraft shows. We have taught many other instructors and organisations how to run parties, but if you want the original and best, read on..

  Our party leaders are all highly experienced Bushcraft and survival instructors with valid CRB/DBS checks and an up to date First Aid certificates.

All parties will include a "campfire" lunch, usually sausages freshly cooked over the fire with a vegetarian option or American style hot dogs if you prefer. We also supply soft (not fizzy) drinks, sauces, Marshmallows and tableware. if there's something specific you would like, just ask. If we can do it we will.

You are also welcome to bring along a cake or speak to Sean, one of our instructors who just happens to be an amazing cake maker as well as a Black Wolf instructor. Let us know if this interests you and we'll put you in touch or have a look at his Facebook page "binxey bake cakes"


The party boy or girl will also receive a Blackwolf Survival gift set containing their own fire steel


All parties last 2.5 hours and run from either 10:00 - 12:30 or 13:30 to 16:00


prices are £175 for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 children. up to 20 children will cost £275 and will have a second instructor



we have various themes available including:

new for 2018



We now have the option to use a wondeful Archery range within our fabulous 100 acre woodland in Kent. Learn how to safely use a bow and arrow and take on some challenges and competitions with your friends including balloon bursting and maybe even win a trophy for best Archer of the day!


Wand or staff Carving.

Learn all about knife law and safety and the uses of knives in bushcraft and then under the guidance of our highly experienced instructors learn how to carve your own gandalf style staff  or witches / wizard wand. 11 year olds upwards.


A journey of fire.

Who isn't fascinated by fire?

learn all abouyt fire from the most ancient primitive methods of striking rocks together and rubbing sticks, right through to how you could light a fire using a mobile phone or contents of a first aid kit.

we also have some old and new magic tricks to delight and amaze your children all safely supervised by our instructors.


Go wild in the woods.

Play an amazing woodland version of a  hide and seek game, build woodland shelters, get camouflaged up and learn how to move silently through the woods to avoid being caught by the hunters, can you outsmart them? learn how to make a fire and finish your party eating delicious sausages cooked over a fire in our amazing woodland camp.


​Hunter Gatherers.

​Explore our woodlands looking at how primitve man searched for and found food, build a basic trap and then have a go in our purpose built archery range trying bows & arrows as well as a variety of primitive but fun throwing weapons

(we promise it's a lot safer then it sounds!)


Girl power survival.

For those adveturous young ladies who like to get muddy we run a girls only survival challenge with games and scenarious to suit their age and abilities. competitions involving den making and fire lighting as well as a variety of games will see who the leaders of the pack are before eating freshly cooked food over a real fire.


Find the treasure!

Get ready to go on an adveturous treasure hunt through our amazing woodlands, you'll have to follow clues and solve puzzels along the way to solve the mystery and find the prize before heading back for delicious food cooked over an open fire.


Woodland spirits.

Follow the magic trails of fairy dust to lead you to the magical home of the woodland spirits where you'll make magic potions and your own magic wand to ward off any "non believers" and build  magical fairy or elf houses to home the woodland spirits before lunch cooked over an open fire.



Bespoke parties are tailor-made to create a magical experience and to match your child's interests. working together we can plan a party around a chosen theme. bespoke parties can be more flexible on time and can include more food and drink etc. contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


Read some of our feedback from previous parties...


Black Wolf Survival were booked for my daughter's 7th Birthday. It was such a wonderful event. Very professional, great value, amazing activities, brilliant facts and humour... I could go on! Wonderful, lovely guys. Poppy and her friends loved it. Thank you so much!



Black Wolf hosted my son's 7th birthday party with a difference! The kids were kept enthralled and loved all the different activities. The adults who chose to remain also learnt lots of stuff as well! feedback from the kids was exceptional. Would definitely recommend! Thank you.



Watched Craig do a bushcraft lesson with kids at a local Woods. Was amazed at finally being able to see what a 9v battery and wire wool does. Since being told by a teacher years ago. Brilliant lesson, Brilliant Bloke.



For any enquiries or to book your party call us on 01233 220323 or use the contact page on the website

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