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Bushcraft & Survival training, birthday parties, guided trips, corporate & team building events & Archery 

Alternative Education Programmes

The team here at Black Wolf have over 30 years of experience of working with students who find the traditional classroom environment a challenge. Craig, our chielf instructor has written articles for national magazines on how "Not all Classrooms have four walls".

Throughout the week we work with students educated outside of school and have built a solid reputation for our work with looked after children and children who are on the Autistic Sperctrum or have Anxiety Disorders.

We work closely with schools, parents, care homes and local education authorites to design and implement interventions to support young people.


Our work with these students is based on the following principles:


.Our outdoor location is a rich and varied private 100 acre woodland offering safe spaces and an environment that brings learning to life without the walls of a normal school.


.We offer a wide range of activities that are practical and / or physical for our students that can help develop new interests and open new possibilities for their future.


.We aim to build and develop nuturing and supportive relationships with adults and peers.


The intervention programmes at Black Wolf are constantly growing and evolving. Currently we have the following programmes that are appropriate for students that are struggling in the classroom:


One to One programmes - a one staff to one student specially tailored program for young people

Re-engagement programmes - a longer term programme designed for year 8 or 9 students who may need some extra help to engage at school.

Small group programmes - a short term, small group programme designed to boost the confidence and self esteem of students who may be struggling.


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